Special effects with drip off systems

Drip off represents an eye-catching method to achieve matt and gloss or repellent effects in a single process and with just one coating unit. Thus, as an inline finishing, drip off systems stand for impressive effects and a high efficiency at the same time. 

Drip off systems consist of a combination of a matt effect primer and a matching drip off gloss coating.




Out of the last ink duct, a matt effect primer is applied partially. A suitable gloss coating is used out of the coating unit. Where primer and gloss coating meet, you achieve impressive matt or repellent effects – depending on the primer’s formulation. Areas without primer show a glossy surface. Drip off systems offer highest register accuracy, even with regard to fine lettering and detailed motifs. There is no need to apply a coating plate.

Drip off is a perfect method to create more attention at the Point of Sale by high-value finishing of your printed products.

THOMAS KOOP Global Portfolio Manager Paper-based Packaging

At ACTEGA, both water-based and UV drip off systems are available.

Water-based drip off systems:
• They consist of a water-based gloss coating and an oil-based primer. 
• They achieve pleasantly smooth matt surfaces and distinct matt/gloss differences. 
• All systems provide good drying characteristics as well as a good scratch and scuff resistance. 

UV drip off systems:
• In combination with a UV varnish, both UV and oil-based primers are possible. 
• Depending on the primer, application amount and machine settings, fine to coarse structures can be realized. 
• The results are strong visual and haptic differences compared to the gloss varnish. 
• All systems are characterized by a very good scratch and scuff resistance.

Also ask for LED-UV drip off systems.