Finishing trends & end-use requirements

Dry Beverages

This category includes fresh and instant coffee, tea, chocolate, malt and other plant-based drinks, and granular, block or tablet form hot drinks.

Graphic Packaging Design Trends


Appetite Appeal

• Splash & spoon
• Ingredients
• Steam

• Testimonials
• Handfonts
• Quality seals
• Vintage inspired elements

• Cartoon characters
• Funny cartoons

• Box layouts
• Patterns
• Micro-embossing

• Waterdrops
• Vapor/steam
• Bright colors

• Premium black
• Premium white
• Strong finishing effects
• Minimalistic design

• Brown / Kraft substrates

Trends According To Product Category


Dry beverages are a category in which many trial purchases are made by consumers to test new product and taste variations. Therefore, stand out on shelf as well as a high quality impression are very important and both can be - and are - often supported by finishing effects.

Most Standard Products come without special finishing effects. If they are equipped with any, they are usually trying to achieve a luxury or natural impression by copying more expensive products with cheaper means.

Premium Products often use a dark background color finished with a matt varnish. Brand elements are highlighted with metallic effects or spot gloss varnish and complemented with embossing.

Organic Products usually communicate naturalness through flowery, playful and illustrative artworks. In addition, they often use uncoated substrates or matt and soft-touch varnishes to create a natural haptic effect.

​​​​​The role of coatings for Dry Beverages​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Suitable Coating Effects:
Gloss / high gloss​​​​​​​
Either full-area or as spot varnish on brand and design elements like logo and product images
Often in the background combined with gloss spot varnish
For the highlighting of brand elements, creating a luxurious impression​​​​
Required Properties:
Regulatory Compliance
Most products are not directly packed in folding boxes, but have additional primary packaging (tea bags do not count) - in that case, the coatings used need to be compliant for indirect food contact.
Useful Special Properties:
Hot foil on top possible
Coatings that allow the application of special hot foils on top​​​​​​​

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