Environmental compatibility and raw materials

Foundations that create quality

​​​​​​​Without the right raw material, even the best formulation is useless. ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG stands for the highest in product quality. We attach particular importance to the ingredients used in our high-quality coatings and select our raw materials carefully, based on strict criteria. We can rely upon more than 40 years of experience and continuous verification in the market.

The high standards placed on our raw materials as well as our suppliers are clear to see: the quality of our raw materials contribute decisively towards making our products more durable; our products last up to twice as long as those of other manufacturers.

​​​​​​​As a leading coatings company, we are dedicated to the highest standards. Sustainability, environmental compatibility and health awareness are particularly crucial to the production and finishing of food packaging. ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG is committed to European ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP) under EuPIA and in August 2018 was certified by QS Zürich AG.

Since April 2019 we have been a member of PIP – the Photoinitiators Platform (www.photoinitiators-platform.org). This platform is a global association of manufacturers, distributors and end users of photoinitiators. Our membership ensures that our operations are always state-of-the-art and that we can offer our customers the safest products possible.

Only with the best raw materials can we achieve the quality you may expect from us.