• PVC-free barrier compound
  • World standard barrier compound for beer and fruit juices
  • Ingress as low as 0,2 mg oxygen per bottle after 180 days of storage
  • Significant extension of shelf life, plus preventing a colour change of fruit juices
  • Very good sealing on non-returnable glass bottles


  • PVC-free barrier compound
  • This product belongs to the Peak-Free®  Technology (PFT) range of compounds and is especially engineered for usage with highly sensitive filling goods
  • It shows excellent results during bottle maturation of Champagne and sparkling wine and on mineral water for export markets (VOC protection)
  • Compound is suitable to replace PE- and cork discs, used in the ripening process of Champagne

OXYLON®  940

  • PVC-free barrier compound
  • Because of it's softness suitable for returnable and non-returnable bottles, with good barrier properties

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