Finishing Trends & End-Use Requirements

Frozen Food

Products in this section include red meat and meat substitutes, pizza, poultry, fish and seafood, vegetables and potatoes, bakery products, desserts, ready meals and other frozen food products.

Graphic Packaging Design Trends


Appetite Appeal
Splash & spoon
Super-sized ingredients
• Steam
• Fruit tapestry


• Waterdrops
• Vapor/steam
• Bright colors

Scenic Design
• Real-life photography
• Storytelling

Easy Info
• Simple info messages
• Clear info hierarchy
• Dominant typography

• Testimonials
• Quality seals


Trends According To Product Category

​​​​​​​Standard frozen food packaging usually does not have any finishing effects apart from the occasional embossing. However, especially newly launched brands with a more premium positioning make use of matt/gloss contrasts and high gloss effects. Sometimes, to indicate a premium range, even metallic effects like hot foil are used.

​​​​​The Role Of Coatings For Frozen Food​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Suitable Coating Effects:
Either full-area or as spot varnish on brand and design elements like logo and product images
Often in the background combined with gloss spot varnish
For the highlighting of brand elements, creating a luxurious impression​​​​
Required Properties:
Regulatory Compliance
Most products are not directly packed in folding boxes, but have additional primary packaging - in that case, the coatings used need to be compliant for indirect food contact