Printed Sample Insights​

Pressure Sensitive Labels:​
LED-UV Matt & Gloss​

Also in LED-UV technology, overprint varnishes differentiate the brand from competition. Just combine LED-UV matt coatings and LED-UV gloss coatings for your added value at the Point of Sale. This will provide your whiskey labels and other printed products with a high-quality finish.​

Products and their regional availability at a glance:​

  • TerraGloss UV Matt Varnish G 38/11 VK ​
    Find more product details here.​
  • TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 38/525 VK  ​
    Find more product details here.

  • Ultra Sheen LED-8703
  • LED-9617 ​
  • Please see products from USA and Europe/Asia.​


  • PRESS: Mark Andy P7 ​
  • SUBSTRATE: Polypropylene white​
  • INKS: LED inks (4C)​
  • COATING(S): TerraGloss UV Matt Varnish G 38/11 VK, TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 38/525 VK​
  • ANILOX ROLLER: Matt = 5 cm³/m², hexagonal, 380 l/cm; Gloss = 10 cm³/m², hexagonal, 140 l/cm ​