HOW-TO | LEP Primer Indicator

Application of the LEP Primer Indicator Solution

The indicator solution will determine whether the LEP primer has been applied uniformly on the entire substrate surface to enable bonding between the LEP inks, coating and substrate.

How to: Apply the LEP Primer Indicator Solution


ACTDigi® LEP Primer Indicator AQ1409611

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How-to use the LEP Primer Indicator
Step by Step


Whenever you work with the LEP primer indicator solution, please make sure that you are wearing a safety glass and chemical resistant nitrile gloves. Besides that you need a dauber bottle filled with the indicator. Last but not least a coated substrate is needed on which you can apply the indicator.


Swipe the applicator across the surface of the substrate in a diagonal direction. You can also apply more primer indicator as needed.


Inspect all areas where the LEP primer indicator has been applied for any change in color from blue to yellow. Yellow indicates voided areas where the primer was not applied to the substrate properly. Make sure that the indicator shows a uniform blue surface on the entire substrate because only then you will achieve a good printing result.

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