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Why coatings in digital printing?

As already experienced with regard to other printing methods, the varnishing of printed products in digital printing gains more and more importance. While quality is increasing, the market can observe an ever more diverse choice of substrates and a great variety of printed products. As a consequence, there is a growing demand for high-value and reliable coating solutions.

The trend goes to folded boxes, flexible packaging, labels and commercial prints with a sophisticated design and high quality finishing. Apart from the traditional transactional printing, the production of business cards or for example instructional manuals, there is also an increasing number of special applications. In addition, combinations of offset printing and digital printing can be observed. Mailings printed and coated in offset are personalized via digital printing; packaging is provided with individual identification such as batch numbers or best-before dates. Coatings in modern digital printing stand for:

  • Protection: Coatings protect the printed product from color abrasion and scratches.
  • Finishing: Coatings provide added value from glossy to matte.
  • Function: Coatings can add important properties to a printed product, as for example anti-slip characteristics, barrier effects or heat resistance.
  • Productivity: Coatings enable higher press speeds as well as a faster post processing.

Requirements and characteristics:

In digital printing, water and benzophenone free UV based coatings have to fulfill particular requirements. Digital printing is a fast changing, ever-evolving platform that requires constant testing and modifications of coatings. In addition, because there is no standardization across different ink and toner systems’, testing is a constant process conducted through our Innovation and Applications Laboratory.

A major driver for a successful overprint coating application is a good adhesion between the coating and the digital toner/ink. ACTDigi® products are formulated to adapt to the various elements of the digital printing process such as inkjet, dry and liquid toners, digital equipment presses, and substrates. They are characterized by:

  • Good wetting, flow, and leveling capabilities
  • No penetration on unprinted areas
  • Fast drying
  • No yellowing and high block resistance
  • Physical holdout
  • No influence on the printing inks
  • Good scuff resistance

ACTEGA - Your coating specialist for more than 25 years, ACTEGA continues to exceedingly service the label, packaging, commercial, and publication markets. Doing so by way of developing, producing, and distributing general purpose and special effect technologies which include a portfolio of innovative UV/EB and aqueous coatings, specialty inks, and pressroom chemistry product lines.

ACTEGA is characterized by its superior customer service, highly specialized technical sales force, dedicated technical applications group, and cutting-edge Innovation and Application Laboratories. Our customers profit from the combination of these four components along with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices that provide high-quality products and exceptional value to printed products.