ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Pressroom Chemistry

ACTEGA North America has formulated a specialty line of blanket & roller cleaners and conditioners for specific equipment applications to maximize ink / water balance. These products are designed to optimize print conditions by effectively deglazing rollers and conditioning rubber blankets and rollers.

ACTEGA North America cleaners and conditioners are designed to extend the print quality and life of blankets allowing better ink transfer.

  • Erase High Viscosity “Zero VOC” Cleaning Paste
  • Wipe Out Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner
  • Deglaze Calcium & Surfactant Remover

ACTEGA North America's specialty plate cleaners and fountain additives are formulated to effectively remove ink and desensitize printing plates to keep plates running sharp and clean. Specialty cleaners are available that provide features such as short or long term storage, superior plate protection, extra strength cleaning and desensitizing that will remove the deepest scratches. ACTEGA North America has developed plate cleaners that are compatible with both water and solvent based plates.

  • CTP Plate Cleaner & Scratch Remover
  • Blue Star Plate Cleaner & Desensitizer
  • Plate Cleaner Finisher White Long Term Storage Gum
  • Plate Rescue Scratch Remover & Desensitizer
  • Terminator Plus Heavy Duty Plate Cleaner & Scratch Remover
  • Total Recall Long Term Storage Gum

ACTEGA North America manufactures a complete line of specialty lithographic pressroom chemistry. Our pressroom chemistry products include specialty cleaners, and custom formulated additives to meet the unique requirements in many pressrooms.

  • Aqueous Coating Cleaner
  • Stay Wet Anti Skin Spray
  • Tuff Stuff Hand Cleaner

Please contact a local ACTEGA North America representative to learn more about our full line of plate cleaners