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StarFount® - Fountain Solutions

ACTEGA North America manufactures a full range of both sheet fed and web fountain solutions and alcohol replacements for high quality commercial work, labels and folding cartons. Whatever your press type, KBA, Heidelberg , Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, etc., our formulators have a specific solution designed to maximize ink/water balance and runnability on your press.

StarFount® fountain solutions are formulated for sheet fed presses to:

  • Provide exceptional ink & water balance with lower water settings
  • Provide a Wider Window of Latitude with Increased Color Control
  • Reduce Start Up Waste
  • Run " alcohol free " in continuous dampening systems
  • Minimize pH drift commonly associated with calcium contamination from stock and varying water conditions.


StarFount®  sheetfed fountain solutions are designed as two-step products that utilize a fountain concentrate and alcohol substitute. The combination of these two products enable our formulators to provide maximum latitude which enables pressmen to reduce water settings and comfortably run alcohol free while maintaining quality and production requirements. Starfount fountain solutions should be used in conjunction with a select Starfount alcohol replacement.

We have a variety of formulas available designed to improve print quality and dot reproduction by minimizing sensitivity with difficult ink pigments, CTP plates and are non reactive with calcium.


This series of StarFount® one-step fountain solutions are formulated for use in conventional brush or continuous dampening systems.

ACTEGA North America's web fountain solutions are formulated with enhanced runnability to optimize ink & water balance while eliminating ink build up on slip rollers and minimizing the effects of paper piling. We have products specially formulated to optimize Stochastic printing.

For use in continuous dampening systems, consult a ACTEGA Kelstar technician for the proper one step fountain solution / alcohol replacement or a two step fountain solution that should be used in conjunction with a select Starfount alcohol replacement to best meet your requirements.


StarFount® alcohol replacements are formulated to run "alcohol free" in continuous dampeners. ACTEGA North America has designed the "HT Series"

  • Maximize Runnability & Dot Reproduction of Ink System Used
  • Reduce Dynamic Surface Tension & Water Dial Settings
  • Improve Print Quality
  • Provide superior ink & water balance

StarFount® alcohol replacements offer a wide variety of choices and are "environmentally friendly" formulations:

  • "Low VOCs"
  • No Ethylene Based Glycols / Glycol Ethers
  • No SARA 313 Ingredients
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS)

StarFount® alcohol replacements should be matched with a select ACTEGA North America StarFount® Fountain Solution to optimize product performance with various ink systems and dampening system configurations.


Our StarFount® line of one step fountain solution alcohol replacements are designed to run" Alcohol Free" on sheetfed presses that are equipped with continuous dampeners. These products provide exceptional ink & water balance with a wider window of latitude to eliminate emulsification and density deviation during the run. Specific products have been uniquely formulated with these advantages:

  • Incorporate maximum wetting characteristics which enable pressmen to reduce water speeds and maintain a higher level of print quality.
  • Desensitizing package to give fast, clean restarts
  • Designed for use with CTP plate systems
  • Buffer system to prevent calcium glazing & plate binding


We have a full range of web one step fountain solutions that are specially formulated to improve runnability on high speed web presses designed to run "Alcohol Free" :

  • Web publication
  • Commercial
  • Directory / Insert
  • Newspaper
  • Books
  • Business Forms
  • Direct Mail

Specific formulations are designed with features to:

  • Eliminate ink feedback on continuous dampening systems
  • Minimize sensitivity commonly associated with difficult pigments, UV curable inks and calcium contamination from difficult stocks
  • Improve Runnability & Ink / Water Balance
  • Reduce Ink Build Up on Meter Roller
  • Minimize Paper Piling & Paper Waste


Duplifount fountain solutions are formulated to run "Alcohol Free" on small presses with Silver Master Megalith & Onyx silver diffusion plates. Duplifount fountain solutions are extremely versatile and also have excellent compatibility with metal, paper and plastic plates. Duplifount products are designed to run on a variety of small presses that are equipped with both integrated & split dampening systems by reducing the amount of water required.

Electrostatic Fount is formulated to run on small presses that use Zinc Oxide (electrostatic plates) or metal plates.Electrostatic Fount keeps the non-image area extremely clean which prolongs plate life. The pH of Electrostatic Fount is mildly acidic for excellent compatibility and excellent ink drying without emulsifying ink on the press. Electrostatic Fount has exceptional runnability and will not crystallize in the tray or in the concentrated solution.

For additional information, questions or technical assistance please contact a ACTEGA North America technical sales representative.


ACTEGA North America manufactures a variety of fountain solutions formulated specifically for the newspaper and insert markets.

StarFount® Alkaline Founts are formulated to provide high quality printing and operational ease and are compatible running sharp, even on the longest runs.

StarFount® Neutral Founts are designed to run with extraordinary ink and water balance. These products keep plates extremely clean, and minimize dot gain over the complete length of the run. StarFount® Neutral Fountain Solutions enable the printer to run lower ink densities resulting in higher yields, and eliminate smearing, offsetting, and paper piling.

Newsfount Mild Acid Founts are formulated as mild acid versatile newspaper fountain solutions to provide the highest level of print quality. Newsfount Fountain Solutions provide excellent plate protection with exceptionally clean startups with reduced make ready waste. Newsfount products are designed to run with the optimum ink & water balance which enables pressman to print higher ink densities wit lower ink settings.

For additional information, questions or technical assistance please contact a ACTEGA North America technical sales representative.