ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

UltraSheen UV Coatings

ACTEGA North America is a market leader and manufactures a comprehensive line of UV & EB energy curable coatings with a variety of viscosities, cure packages and flexibility to satisfy both the everyday and specialized requirements of both printers and trade coaters. ACTEGA North America custom formulates energy curable coatings that provide a combination of high performance and value. The performance advantages of ACTEGA North America's energy curable coatings are:

  • Superior Gloss & Cure Speed
  • Exceptional Adhesion & Flexibility
  • Environmentally Friendly "Zero VOC" Technology - 100% Solids

In recent years, press manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have made great technological strides in the design of UV curing lighting systems, and coating equipment. The combination of State of the Art equipment and refinements in ink systems and coating has led to the safe and widespread acceptance and use of UV curable inks, hybrid inks and UV coating in the Printing and Packaging market.

When UV curable coatings cure properly they are 100% reactive and totally cross-linked. These systems contain virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) , and are therefore termed "Zero VOC" products and referred to as "Environmentally Friendly". Because of these reasons, growing numbers of high quality folding carton, label, commercial, and publication printers are utilizing UV Curable Coatings on a regular basis to enhance the gloss levels, quality and productivity in both the pressroom and at trade finishing houses.

ACTEGA North America manufactures a wide variety of UV & EB Coatings that are specifically formulated to conform to stringent (COF) slide angle requirements.

UV Coating Applications:

  • Off-Line Coatings Paper
  • Cylinder Screen Coatings Paperboard
  • In-Line Coating with Hybrid Inks Foil & Films
  • High Speed Web Publication Coatings Low Odor Food Packaging
  • In-Line Sheet Fed Coatings
  • Satin & Matte with Excellent Rheology / Runnability
  • High Adhesion for Use with Inks with VOC Retention
  • High Taber & Scuff Resistance
  • Foil Stampable & Glueable
  • Flexo & Gravure Coatings
  • Low Odor Multi-Wall Bags
  • Chemical Resistant for Labels
  • Dry Erase / Writeable
  • Textured
  • White / Fade Resistant


Roller Coatings - Low viscosity coatings in the range of 65 - 200 cps formulated to maximize performance on specific application equipment. These types of coatings have excellent leveling and flowout characteristics with the ability to provide the smoothest films. ACTEGA North America has formulas available with different cure packages which are designed to provide excellent adhesion and flexibility. The most common roller coaters are supplied by Bilhoffer and Steinemann and are effective for coating most types of work.

Web Offset Coatings - Viscosity range of 160 - 300 cps. Our web offset coatings have a combination of exceptional gloss, cure speed and adhesion to various ink systems while incorporating non-bricking (sticking) properties on high speed presses, delivery and bindery lines.

Blanket Coatings - Viscosity range of 180 - 400 cps. Blanket coatings are for applications with in-line press coaters or can be run off-line. They are commonly used to produce commercial work, folding cartons and labels. ACTEGA North America has formulas available with different cure speeds and specific slide angles.

Flexo Coatings - Viscosity range of 180 - 400 cps. Flexo coatings are formulated for application on wide or narrow web flexo coaters. They are commonly used to produce labels, folding cartons and multi-wall bags.

Cylinder Screen Coatings - Viscosity range of 200 - 500 cps. Cylinder screen coatings are used for application on equipment such as Svecia and Sakuri presses and are formulated to provide a smooth uniform film that levels and flowout to create the "wet look". They are often used to apply high coating film weights for maximum gloss and effect or for applying spot coating to highlight an area.

Ink Train Coatings - Very high viscosity formulas in the range of 1,000 - 30,000 cps. Ink Train Coatings are applied directly through the press ink train. They are effective for flood coating where a coater is not available. Ink train coating formulations also include wet litho coatings which can be spot coated utilizing the dampener.

Glueable & Foil Stampable Coatings - Viscosity range of 100 - 300 cps dependent on specific application equipment. Not recommended for two-sided UV coated work because of limited slip properties. Can be applied over wax-free inks on most types of equipment. Effective where specialty finishing processes are needed.

Matte & Satin Coatings - Viscosity range of 100 - 500 cps. Matte and Satin coatings are formulated to lay smoothly and have excellent machinability and rheologic properties. Gloss levels are customized to range from 10 degree flat matte to 50 degree satin finish. Effective where special gloss effects or contrast of gloss is required to highlight work.

Specialty Coatings - Can be a wide range of viscosities and applied with a variety of equipment. Effective for such end work as dry-erase, fade resistant cosmetic work or re-coatable products.