ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Rigid Packaging

A good heat transfer, damage protection and graphic capabilities - just some advantages of rigid packaging. Whether metal, aluminum, plastic or steel based, ACTEGA offers coatings, inks and sealants for your application. Discover our solutions for cans, aerosols, tubes and many more. Products for the direct contact to foodstuffs (FDA approval) are also available.


  • Cans

For metal cans almost every color can be developed by ACTEGA, allowing an individual product design. Whether for internal, external, side stripe or can ends, we offer corresponding coating and sealant solutions (also BPA non-intent).

Bottles, Tubes and Drums

  • Bottles, Tubes and Drums

For monobloc and two-piece bottles, ACTEGA provides internal and external coatings. For tubes there are internal, external and heat sealable tube compounds. Our solutions for steel drums cover internal and external coatings.


  • Aerosols

A wide range of aerosol cans and tubes are tailored to the different filling goods. Interior coatings extend product life and preserve the integrity of filling goods. The variety of colors and printing processes enable eye-catching and decorative products (also BPA non-intent).

Ends, Domes & Tops

  • Ends, Domes & Tops

The suitable opening solution for cans makes products much more convenient and add to consumer satisfaction. Our individual coatings and sealants for ends, domes and tops provide cans with a safe closure type for canned goods.

Custom Metal Packaging

  • Custom Metal Packaging

Cigar boxes and decorative cans offer protection of the filling good as well as an individual design. Various shapes, colors and logos printed on the cover enable a unique selling proposition among competitors.