Flexible packaging is ideally suitable for the portioning and preservation of filling goods. There is an extensive range of types made of paper, plastic materials or aluminum. Whether talking about pouches, blisters, wrappers or lids - by offering tailored inks, coatings and adhesives, ACTEGA is an international leader in the flexible packaging market.

Sachets, Pouches & Bags

Sachets, pouches and bags, made of plastic composites, metallized film and paper, become increasingly important. Besides packaging integrity, the design is very important to customers for differentiation. 


ACTEGA offers customized solutions for lids with regard to the required opening behavior, our customer's production lines as well as individual substrates and sealing partners.

Discover our product solutions for POE membane films

Wrapper & Innerliner

Individual ACTEGA products for wrappers and innerliners facilitate high-quality metallization. They reliably protect the taste, consistency and shelf life of the filling good.


ACTEGA products for blisters are characterized by a good rolling-oil tolerance on hard foil. Profit from our long-term experience in fulfilling the high requirements of the pharma industry.

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