ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


The research and development of innovative products on basis of modern production methods are part of the basis principles of our company politics. In close cooparation with our customers we adjust our products constantly to their needs as well as to the market requirements.

For Future Generations

In General...

  • >5%  of the turnover are invested in R&D
  • Patent application for new technologies 
  • cost efficiency and innovation awareness        
  • Know-how transfer interior and exterior
  • A symbiosis of Top Down (fullfil market requirements)
  • Synergies within the enterprise
  • Innovation begins with the idea and ends with the implementation in your own premises
  • Intelectual skills - inter disciplinary  

... and in special

  • BPA free coating systems

  • Aqueuos Heat-Seal-Lacquers

  • Lacquer systems for chrome free pre-treated substrates