ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


For outstanding results, every detail counts at ACTEGA Terra

As a customer of ACTEGA Terra, you will profit from the know-how of our development department and the practical experience of our application engineers with any specific problem you may have. The product consultation is focused on your needs:

  • Concrete requirements for your specific line of industry
  • Adjustment to the requirements of the end user
  • Nature of the substrate
  • Mechanical and process engineering conditions
  • Necessary properties during product use

Our years of experience in the market have been systematically documented: The results of over 20 years of coating development are collected in the extensive ACTEGA Terra database. The benefit: You get a perfectly tailored coating recommendation from ACTEGA Terra!

Having a new development, the essential basic functions decide on the basic coating, which is then in a second stage adapted to meet specific requirements. Depending on these requirements, our laboratory will produce appropriate samples for test trials or supply the newly defined coating directly to the machine. Our instructors will provide on-the-spot support and carry out any individual adjustment that may be necessary. Success has proven us right: Our hit rate with coating samples is over 90%.

You will find an overview of our products here.