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Application TIP: Sand Effect

The TerraWet Neutral Coating G 9/95 Dune Touch offers an excellent tactile effect. It provides substrates with a rough surface - without damaging anilox roller or blade!

Lately, the coating was successfully applied to demanding folded boxes. However, it is also suitable for the use on labels and commercial prints.


Our recommendation:

For a tactile effect, normally just known from screen printing, we recommend a high-volume anilox roller as well as a soft compressible coating plate.  In this combination, a spot application was produced; visually accurate, with a good scuff resistance and without more cleaning effort.

Alternatively, chosse a smaller anilox roller with a suitable geometry (e.g. tri-helical). However, please plan two machine processes in this case. A "must": the soft coating plate or a soft rubber blanket. 

Please note: The TerraWet Neutral Coating G 9/95 Dune Touch is based on renewable resources. Thus, it protects finite resources. For more information and printed samples contact: