ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Metallic coatings

TerraEffekt metallic coatings provide a flexible and economic way of applying metallic effects in an inline process. In contrast to metallic inks, they are characterised by a higher brilliance.

Gold and silver coatings develop their effect by means of small metal plates which reflect the light. While silver coatings contain aluminum plates, gold coatings sparkle through a copper/zinc mixture.

TerraEffekt gold and silver coatings persuade through their outstanding coverage, a striking brilliance and a very high edge definition. They provide good running characteristics on the press as well as a good scratch and scuff resistance.

Waterbased gold and silver coatings are available in various colour shades for offset and gravure printing. In addition to coatings for the application after printing, ACTEGA Terra also offers coatings for the coating unit before printing. These coatings are characterised by non-leafing pigments and show a very good overprintability with conventional colours.

UV based silver coatings provide a very high brilliance as they contain extremely thin non-leafing aluminum plates produced by vacuum metallisation. UV silver coatings realise homogeneous metallic surfaces that represent an economical and ecological alternative to cold and hot foil stamping.

Beyond those metallic coatings shown in this brochure, special colour shades are available on demand. Please contact our laboratory for colour matching.