ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Opaque white

TerraEffekt opaque white for the application out of the coating unit provides optimum coverage for non-opaque surfaces. It is used in cases of metallised, foil laminated, transparent and coloured substrates as well as for kraft board. Also for maximum requirements with regard to the printing of colour charts, TerraEffekt opaque white guarantees true-colour printability.

Through the use of high quality titanium dioxides, opaque white is provided with a very high grade of whiteness and is characterized by a very good overprint capability with conventional and UV inks. Opaque white out of the coating unit outperforms opaque white out of the ink duct by higher opacity and higher coverage.

TerraEffekt opaque white is available both waterbased and UV based and can be processed out of the coating unit before and after printing. Applied out of the coating unit before printing a sufficiently good coverage is achieved with just one application. The opaque white is dried immediately by the dryer after the coating unit and can be printed inline immediately.