ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Pearlescent coatings

TerraEffekt pearlescent coatings enrich printing products with an elegant and high value surface. Pealescent coatings can be applied in a flexible way: full area or partially for a defined finishing. Depending on the colour, the pigment size and type of pigment (e.g. colour changing), you can achieve various effects. For the realisation of the required pearlescent effect, the print design is of high importance.

TerraEffekt pearlescent coatings make use of the phenomenon of light refraction. Pearlescent pigments consist of a structure of transparent layers with different refractive indices. The different optical wavelengths are amplified or absorbed dependent on the thickness and type of the pigment plate. Therefore the coating shimmers in the defined colour only and not over the whole colour spectrum.

At ACTEGA Terra you get ready-to-use pearlescent coatings in which pigments are dispersed in an optimal way. These pearlescent coatings provide a good scratch and scuff resistance. Pearlescent coatings cannot only be applied out of the coating unit after printing, but also before printing for a more subtle shimmer. Special pearlescent coatings with a very good printability have been developed for this objective.

In our product brochure you can find an overview of our standard waterbased pearlescent coatings. Many other pearlescent coatings (also UV based) are available on demand. Our colouristic department is pleased to do the colour matching.