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Encoding Varnish: Marking, Encoding, Personalization

Marking, encoding, personalization – important terms in the printing industry. Thus, you are able to provide packaging with a data matrix code; labels can be marked with best-before-dates or mailings are individualized due to advertising reasons. It applies to pharma packaging printing: With the new legislation on falsified medicines 2011/62/EU, the European Union has introduced tougher rules to improve protection from the counterfeiting of medicines. Thus, pharma folded boxes have to be provided with safety and validity features in order to guarantee a clear identification and traceability along the supply chain.

Safe and flexible encoding

Individual serial and product numbers or batches can be applied to the packaging by means of inkjet or laser printing. However, if an area without varnish for individual marking purposes is needed, you may face register problems, an increasing material use or production effort. If you use a full-area coating which is not suitable for this application, the quality of marking suffers; the writing is volatile.

Our water-based TerraWet Encoding Coating G 9/717 represents the solution due to patented technology. The product is:

  • inkjet printable having a full area coating
  • writable and glueable
  • applicable in combination with different ink systems and on encodable standard substrates 

NEW: In comparison with the TerraWet Encoding Coating G 9/817, this product has been created in a more finely pored way and thus, it appears with less cracking. This coating is perfectly suitable for individual marking purposes as well as for personalization on packaging and commercial prints. The coating shows a neutral gloss.

Your benefits

  • Safe, high-contrast and readable marking 
  • Maximum design flexibility due to full area varnishing 
  • No need to leave out packaging glue tabs from coating
  • Improved persistence (protection) of printed products & writings
  • Subsequent encoding possibilities on areas without/with little ink coverage 


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