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New coating portfolio in screen printing

Apart from a convincing visual appearance, there is the possibility to achieve impressive tactile effects with overprint varnishes in screen printing.

Whether for commercials, in the area of publications or labels or on packaging – screen printing offers many creative finishing options.


  • For special sand effects choose the TerraScreen UV Matt Varnish G 22/602 NVK. Thanks to its formulation, you are able to influence the intensity of the effect - depending on the choice of screen. Whether you decide on a coarse or fine structure, the coating can be applied easily, shows a good flow-out as well as a high edge definition.
  • The TerraScreen UV Gloss Varnish G 22/603 VK persuades by means of its high gloss. The coating can be overprinted, is glueable and suitable for hot foil stamping.
  • As a matt relief coating, the TerraScreen UV Matt Varnish G 22/662 VK can be applied both full area or spot. It shows a low tendency to penetration, is suitable for hot foil stamping and provides a good edge definition. The product may be used in rotary screen printing or flat-bed screen printing.
  • The new TerraScreen UV Special Varnish G 22/ 623 NVK is a glossy relief coating with a very good flow-out and a high edge definition. Applied full area, the coating lays especially smooth.
  • For the use on natural paper or absorbent substrates we recommend the TerraScreen UV Gloss Varnish G 22/680 NVK. This product is characterized by a very high viscosity, contains optical brightener and provides a high edge definition.

You want to learn more about our coating portfolio in screen printing? Contact us for further matt, gloss, structure or tactile effects. Here you can find our printed samples for screen printing.