ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

NEW: Special Coating Magnetic

A very impressive design option provides the water based TerraEffekt Special Coating G 29/921 magnetic. This coating contains metal effect pigments, which can be aligned magnetically. The results are unique three-dimensional effects with a fascinating depth.

Printing is done in sheet-fed offset. In order to realize the required effect, you need a conventional coating unit with an impression cylinder. This impression cylinder is equipped with a special, partially magnetized foil. The foil acts as a magnetic pattern. Due to the magnetic foil, the pigments inside the coating newly orientate along the field lines. This happens within a split of seconds. The newly aligned pigments are fixed in the dryer of the printing press. They appear grey/black.

On request, a mix with colors or other effect pigments is possible. The effect can be realized in a simple way. For brand owners and printers, this coating represents a perfect opportunity for differentiation.

Here you can learn more about our special coating magnetic. Or discover the application live on our ACTEGA Terra wall calendar 2016 (video).