ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

For more capacity in the UV production

At the beginning of 2014, planning started for the building of a new UV production hall at ACTEGA Terra in Lehrte. The reason: A stronger focus on the UV coating business and thus a necessary capacity expansion.

Within one year, a new hall was constructed with 800 m² floor space as well as 100 m² additional storage area for packaging according to GMP. Completely equipped with pipes, the production plant offers six mixing tanks and a fully automated mobile shelf system for 800 pallets. "The hall was designed under consideration of the newest energetic way of construction", explains Dirk Wortmann, head of production at ACTEGA Terra. „Ventilating and cooling systems guarantee the safety for our products."

The advantages for customers are obvious: A faster production, a better coating quality due to the high automation level. Additionally, alternative techniques enable the production of high-value UV matt coatings.