ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Satisfied customers at ACTEGA Terra

Again in 2016, ACTEGA Terra measured the satisfaction of its customers and business partners. By means of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the company identified the willingness of all participants to recommend us and our products to a third party.

The encouraging result: With a NPS of 43, ACTEGA Terra has repeatedly achieved a high customer satisfaction. In comparison: The average value for B2B brands shows a NPS of 35. More than 2.300 persons were contacted in 850 companies worldwide and in five languages. Extra positively rated was the very good product quality, the customer-oriented services as well as the technical consultation on-site.

Thus, it was not only the target of this survey to receive compliments and criticism by customers. In fact, all aspects had to be understood in order to determine improvement potential. With the help of personal feedback, ACTEGA Terra was able to define both customer-individual and general actions. Regular meetings and more information on product news. The development of detailed action plans for an even better cooperation in the sense of end customers. The common testing of technical alternatives at the printing machine. These are only some examples, how ACTEGA Terra meets their customer's feedback proactively. Because: Only those who know the requirements of their partners and who take them seriously, will be able to act customer-oriented in future. Currently, further actions are identified to be implemented near-term.