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Special Coatings Magnetic

Our special coatings magnetic offer an impressive scope of design. Whether applied on board and paper (TerraEffekt Special Coating G 29/933 Magnetic) or used on film (TerraEffekt Special Coating G 29/921 Magnetic), both products contain metal effect pigments based on carbonyl iron which can be aligned magnetically. The results are unique 3-D-effects with a fascinating depth.


Printing is done in sheet-fed offset. In order to realize the required effect, you need a conventional coating unit with an impression cylinder. This impression cylinder is equipped with a special, partially magnetized foil. The foil acts as a magnetic pattern and is installed manually. Due to the magnetic foil, the pigments inside the coating newly orientate along the field lines. They appear grey/black. On request, a mix with colors or other effect pigments is possible. Despite the unique visual depth, the calendar foil does not show any tangible effect. It is possible to realize shapes, writings or logos.

Your benefits

magnetic represents an innovative possibility to implement 3-D-illusions. The effect can be realized in a simple way and creates a fascinating depth. This makes those coatings the first choice for the use on luxury packaging, on labels for spirits or high-value covers of publications. For brand owners and printers, magnetic is the ideal solution of differentiation.

Important to know

For patent reasons, magnetic coatings shall only be used for decorative purposes, this means for the creation of 3-D-effects (no realization of, for example, security features). Products are water-based and developed for the use out of flexo coating units. Any changes in coating technology or application are prohibited.

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