ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

TerraGloss® UV Coatings

TerraGloss UV coatings provide finishing on the highest level, protect the printed product perfectly and enable a smooth further processing.

UV coatings cure under ultraviolet radiation by means of a chemical reaction, a chain polymerisation. During the radiation with UV energy the photoinitiators become highly reactive particles. These highly reactive particles crosslink the acrylates so that a plastic film is formed within milliseconds.

TerraGloss UV coatings offer many advantages: a high reactivity, low odour, very good running characteristics, high gloss, a very high scratch and scuff resistance as well as a high chemical resistance. TerraGloss UV coatings are based on carefully selected and tested raw materials. So-called reactive acrylates (resins, oligomers and monomers) are responsible for the development of the coating film. Further components are high-quality photoinitiators and additives. The additives take over the fine alignment (e.g. flowout and slip) of the UV coatings. The amount of solids is almost 100%. TerraGloss UV coatings do not include water or solvents, and therefore almost no volatile substances. They convince by their consistent utilization of exclusively high-quality raw materials, advanced formulations and a trouble-free processing.They are of consistent high quality. Their broad application spectrum offers optimum solutions.

On demand, ACTEGA Terra develops individual coating formulations, so that customers receive the UV coating that corresponds to their requirements. Competent technical services as well as services, as for example a FTIR curing analysis, complete the overall offer.