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UV coatings on conventional inks

On printing presses with conventional inks and double coating unit, high-gloss results are achieved by systems of waterbased TerraWet primer and TerraGloss UV coatings.

High machine speeds and a good adhesion can be realised. The waterbased primer out of the first coating unit closes the surface and prevents the absorption of the UV coating into the substrate and the inks to a large extent. The UV coating out of the second coating unit properly cures; sensory problems and disturbances of the coating film are avoided.

TerraWet primer minimize a possible gloss decrease (draw back), which can be observed after 24 hours. For different drying configurations, different primers with different drying speeds and a correspondingly low draw back are available. TerraGloss UV coatings are characterised by an extremely high reactivity, low odour and an even run. Apart from UV high gloss coatings, also matt coatings are offered which provide a high-value dull matt finishing together with a high scratch and scuff resistance.

Selected TerraGloss UV coatings are certified by accredited laboratories as having very good migration properties and are approved for the indirect food contact. In combination with a waterbased FoodSafe primer, the highest possible safety is achieved which can be realised by UV coating systems.

Individual adaptations, as for example the adjustment of the slip angle, make TerraGloss UV coatings the first choice for printing presses with a double coating unit.

Please find our product brochure TerraGloss UV Coatings here.