ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Barrier Coatings

Internal and external influences significantly impair the quality of packaging and content. Fat, oil or moisture affect the substrate and damage the printing inks. TerraWet barrier coatings seal the substrate’s surface and protect the packaging temporarily against external influences.

TerraWet barrier coatings for example protect the inner sides of fast-food packaging against fat, oil and water; labels of alcoholic drinks against water and alcohol; drinking cups against water; cake trays against fat, oil and water; the outer sides of frozen food packaging against water.

Through the employment of TerraWet barrier coatings, the packaging remains intact and can fulfill its function without restrictions, even if it is exposed to difficult environmental situations. According to the coating, very low Cobb values are reached. This means that the packaging remains stable, also when it is exposed to high moisture levels.