ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Coatings for cigarette packaging

For the tobacco industry, ACTEGA Terra offers overprint varnishes that are consistent with the high requirements on quality and appearance. Ingredients and the composition of the coatings comply - depending on the specific product - to the demands of well-known cigarette producers. The coatings are sensory clean (odour-free and smoke taste neutral) and do not impair the smoke experience in any way.

Apart from a very good scratch and scuff resistance, they offer consistently adjusted slip angles for packing on modern high-speed machines. In order to fulfill the quality and security requirements of the tobacco industry, specific controls can be carried out and certified per batch in addition to the traditional quality controls.

ACTEGA Terra offers coatings for cigarette folded boxes, soft packs and wrappers. Available are waterbased coatings for sheet-fed offset, web gravure and sheet-fed gravure. Gravure coatings are designed for a fast drying and highest speeds, they are free of solvents and provide a very low tendency to foaming.