ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Coatings for non-absorbent substrates

Coatings for non-absorbent substrates are especially designed for this type of substrate. Coatings for PE laminated board are formulated in a way that they are oxygen permeable. Through the PE, the ink cannot absorb into the substrate, so that drying is slowed down. By means of the particular permeable coating layer, the ink is able to dry oxidatively. Additionally, these coatings are very fast drying, show a low tendency to cracking, are especially block resistant and provide a very good scratch and scuff resistance.

Coatings for foil laminated and metallised substrates provide a very high transparency. The metallic effect is affected as little as possible by the coating. A high brilliance is reached. At the same time, the very good scratch and scuff resistance prevent the appearance of scratches that would be especially visible on metallic substrates.