ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Coatings for wet glue labels

Aquaprint and TerraWet stand for a superior programme of waterbased coatings for label printing. For coated, cast coated, metallised and uncoated papers, we offer outstanding coatings in the requested high gloss, gloss and matt levels.

TerraWet label coatings are especially wet block and wet scuff resistant, in order to prevent problems in the further processing. Other advantages are: a very good anti-curling behaviour, the excellent caustic solution penetration (de-inking) as well as a low tendency to cracking.

In particular, for metallised papers we recommend highly transparent coatings that have a minimal effect on brilliance. Selected label coatings additionally fulfill requirements such as barrier functions (e.g. against alcohol), heat resistance or adjusted slip angles.