ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Heat-resistant coatings

Waterbased coatings protect the printing ink against abrasion and guarantee a problem-free converting. TerraWet heat resistant coatings can do even more: They protect the printed product in processes where large levels of heat arises. For example, in case of crimped yogurt sleeves, rear sides of blister cards, soft cheese packaging, tobacco round boxes or boxes with folding lids for small cigars. Without the protection of the heat resistant coating the ink could smear. The packaging would be damaged and the sealing tool polluted.

Also the ready and filled packaging can be exposed to heat. Food packaging, heated up during preparation, for example menu trays for the oven, become increasingly popular. Heat resistant coatings are formulated in a way that they do not release any volatile materials or emit odours, even at high temperatures. Preparation and consumption are not affected.