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„We focus on medicine safety…“
Kroha GmbH, Miesbach, Germany

Marius Dammig, Head of Innovation Management, Kroha GmbH

„Together with our customers, we would like to protect from pharmaceutical counterfeiting. This requires the adequate realization of the new legislation on falsified medicines. Apart from legal conformity we focus on efficient production processes as well as the best possible creativity freedom for brand owners. With the new encoding coating by ACTEGA Terra, we offer our customers an innovative product solution for a safe and flexible coding."

With the new legislation on falsified medicines 2011/62/EU, the European Union has introduced tougher rules to improve protection from the counterfeiting of medicines. Thus, pharma folded boxes have to be provided with safety and validity features in order to guarantee a clear identification and traceability along the supply chain.

Until 2017, each member state must integrate these requirements into national pharmaceutical legislation.

This means for packaging printing: Apart from a high printing and coating quality for folded boxes, all required safety features must be integrated properly. A readable and clear marking is the condition for a smooth drug delivery.

This is a motivation for the packaging specialist Kroha GmbH in Miesbach. With more than 40 years of experience in the folded carton production for medical and technical products, this company has always been looking for the optimum solution. The challenges:

  • The various board types for pharma folded boxes show differences in quality (no standardization). Thus, problems may occur with regard to the inkjet marking, as for example a slow drying or missing ink resistance. Also, board properties influence the running capabilities in the printing and coating process. Substrate improvement by means of the coating is hardly possible. Inket marking usually requires an area without varnish for marking purposes.
  • Due to the needed uncovered area, codings cannot be realized wherever wanted. As a consequence, the pharma manufacturer faces less  flexibility for his packaging design. 

Safety, reliability and care – Kroha focuses on the interests of customers. Thus, the company has taken a pioneering role while testing the new coating innovation by ACTEGA Terra. In the folded boxes production, Kroha now regularly applies the water-based TerraWet Encoding Coating G 9/817 due to the following advantages:

  • The encoding coating is inkjet printable - having a full area coating. There is no need to provide an area without varnish. As the coating enables the improvement of substrates (grading), it guarantees a reliable data matrix ability.
  • The encoding coating shows stable technical characteristics. The product is fast drying and provides good running capabilities. A plus for the pharma manufacturer: Due to its water resistance, the coating protects the marking also during refrigeration. Its neutral appearance enables a high-contrast marking.
  • The encoding coating is glueable and writable. Thus, it is suitable for the production of pharma folded boxes. For more flexibility in the pharmacy: Information for patients can be written directly on the packaging.
  • For more design flexibility: Taking responsibility for their customers, Kroha provides more flexibility for the packaging design. Due to the full area coating, markings can be realized wherever wanted. Thus, it is possible to integrate all additional information into the folded box. At the same time, pharma manufacturers can differentiate themselves from competition.
  • For more safety: By using the new encoding coating, Kroha supports the high safety level in legal pharmaceutical trade. This enables pharma manufacturers to implement the new legislation on falsified medicines in a way compliant to law. 
  • For stable production processes: Kroha produces efficiently and economically with the new encoding coating. In order to fulfil the high quality requirements of customers, the packaging specialist produces on an up-to-date level.


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