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Rexam's Chief Executive, Graham Chipchase, said:

"At Rexam, we’re proud of the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers. Effective collaboration is essential to provide our own customers with cost-effective, sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for their beverage brands .We feel it’s important to recognise the suppliers who go the extra mile and year-after-year deliver consistent performance in all areas of our Supplier Excellence Programme."

After the decree adopted by France laying out the conditions for a label warning on all BPA food packaging and objects coming in to contact with food, the whole food and beverage packaging value chain was forced to look for alternatives to the existing BPA based internal coatings. An extensive testing program had to be developed in order to check the good compatibility between the ACTEGA sealing compound RB1006Z2 and the new BPA-Non Intended coatings.
The program involved not only Lab testing but also a deep involvement of the ACTEGA Artística Service engineering group ensuring a smooth conversion of Rexam plants to ACTEGA Artística RB1006Z2.

To consistently supply a robust sealing compound with perfect adhesion to the new BPA NI coatings used in beverage can ends, while also optimising  the  efficiency of our customer's lining processes. Ensuring a smooth conversion from a competitor's product  to ACTEGA Artística was one of the biggest challenges.

Careful planning of conversion activities at plant level, with the involvement of Rexam and Artística teams; clear understanding of the engineering changes needed in the circuit to adequately supply ARTISTICA sealant; competent service engineers deployed in the Rexam plants in order to carry out the preliminary audits and track the actions put in place towards conversion. Openness, team work and excellent communication flow between both parties were key for the success of the project.

Conversion of Rexam plants to ACTEGA Artística product has been smooth and according to the agreed planning. The final result of the project has been a success. ACTEGA Artística has been recognised for the third time with one of Rexam's Supplier Awards, for delivering consistent quality and value as well as supporting Rexam in continuously improving processs efficiency and total operating costs.


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