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"We set new quality standards…"
ACTEGA DS, Bremen, Germany

Marta Ochalek, Technical Services, ACTEGA DS

„To fulfil legal and customer requirements, we closely co-operated with a closure manufacturer, the leading machine producer as well as with a well-known company from the food industry. The result: The first PVC-free sealing compound for your application."

Hardly any other industry sector is more tightly controlled than the one of food contact materials. This also applies to sealants and coatings for metal vacuum closures, since these products come into direct contact with the filled content.

The newest Regulation (EU) 10/2011 - which came into force on the 4th of February 2011 - strictly limits the potential migration of undesirables into foodstuffs. However, commonly used seals containing PVC do not meet these limitations, especially when in contact with oily and fatty foodstuffs. Additionally, BPA-based coatings have been banned in France. Therefore, the only safe alternative was to develop a PVC-free solution for the market.

ACTEGA has taken up this challenge in the sector of metal vacuum closures and closely co-operated with a closure manufacturer, the leading machine producer and a well-known company from the food industry. As a result, the first PVC-free sealing compound was introduced to the market.

The PROVALIN® product family does not only meet the strict EU regulations, but also sets new quality standards in the industry. In addition, a BPA-NI interior coating was developed, thus meeting this new demand from institutions, the trade as well as the industry. These coatings do not contain Badge, BPA or Melamine. Furthermore they do not contain PVC polymers, phthalates or other types of plasticizers.

The PROVALIN® product family is suitable for all types of filling goods as well as proven on all filling and industrial capping machines. To all stakeholders and managers along the food chain, it offers the highest, proven food safety and compliance with all current EU regulations.

PROVALIN® has become a true success story. The list of companies from the food industry who now specify and rely on PVC- and plasticizer-free sealants, reads like a “Who’s Who” of the delicatessen sector.


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