TPE für Bad und Körperpflege

Polypropylen (PP) oder Polyethylenterephthalat (PET) für die Hartkomponente, thermoplastische Elastomere (TPE) als Soft-Touch-Elemente für mehr Griffhaftigkeit: Wer denkt beim Zähneputzen am frühen Morgen schon daran, dass er gerade ein Hightech-Produkt in den Händen hält, das hohe hygienische, optische, funktionelle Anforderungen und haptische Designansprüche erfüllt.

Tooth brushes with TPE soft component

Most hand-held toothbrushes today are manufactured from up to four plastic components and are generally available in a wide variety of colors. This makes high demands on the production of personal care items which also needs to be cost-efficient. Multi-component technology is therefore used for economical manufacturing of mass consumer items such as disposable razors or toothbrushes which however poses major challenges for the material, whereby this involves the compatibility of plastics and the particular requirement concerning adhesion. The material developments entail modifications of plastics enabling them to be optimized for the requirements of the actual products to be manufactured. Accordingly, ACTEGA DS has the TPE mixtures for the particular demands of such hygiene products which are most likely to be found in any bathroom, optimized in terms of optics, haptics, grip and handling. Furthermore, when selecting TPE materials for personal care items, care must be taken to ensure that the plastic does not contain any allergens and that it complies with regulations. SOFT EST.® fully complies with such regulations and even satisfies the guidelines for use of plastics in products coming into contact with food. After all, it's worth considering that the plastic maintains contact with human mucus membranes for a certain period of time and should therefore be free of all contact allergens.

TPE enables unique selling points for hygiene products

With SOFT EST.® TPE, all personal healthcare and hygiene products are attributed a particular character and possibly even a stand-alone feature within the market. There is also an option of further individualization by adding a fragrance to the TPE or by making it antimicrobial. An individual fragrance or an antibacterial surface can further increase the attractiveness of a consumer item. How about a toothbrush made of TPE plastic featuring a fresh peppermint fragrance or a toilet brush which smells of the sea? And what's more, the possibility of integrating germ-resistant elements into the TPE compound means that bathrooms stay hygienically clean and healthily safe, whether it is the handle of the toilet brush or the toothbrush mug. Finally, it can be established that our thermoplastic elastomers bundled under the SOFT EST.® brand are distinguished by their unique haptics, conformity with food safety standards and efficient processing.

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