This section details some of the most frequently asked questions with their answers.

Who is ACTEGA Metal Print?
ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH seeks to deliver the industry's most sustainable technology for metallization graphics, by saving a significant amount of material, cost & production time compared to today's conventional processes. ACTEGA Metal Print is a new subsidiary of ACTEGA, part of the ALTANA Group, and is located in Lehrte, near Hanover, Germany. The company acquired Landa's Nano-MetallographyTM technology in February 2017 and will further develop and commercialize this breakthrough technology for cost-effective and sustainable metallization. 

How is EcoLeaf technology used?
EcoLeaf technology is used to print metallic effects on labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, commercial printing, and publishing. The technology dramatically reduces the waste inherent in conventional cold foil and hot foil stamping technologies while providing a solution that is cheaper, faster and simple to use.

Which types of printing presses are suitable for EcoLeaf?
The EcoLeaf technology is currently being developed for narrow web flexo presses, but in the future it will be available for use with digital printing, offset, and gravure on sheet-fed and web-fed wide presses.

Where is the metallization module placed on the press?
The EcoLeaf metallization module can be positioned anywhere after the station that prints the "trigger image".

How much metal is used in the EcoLeaf metallization process?
A monolayer of metal flakes is transferred from the donor roll inside the metallization module to the trigger image.

When will the EcoLeaf technology be commercially available?
Development of the technology continues with printing experts and engineers from ACTEGA Metal Print and Landa Labs as we work with customers to fully understand their needs. We expect the first EcoLeaf solution to be commercially available in the coming years.


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