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Substances such as oil, fat or water have a strong influence on the quality of packaging. They attack the substrate, can damage the printing ink or impair the filling good. A barrier is therefore essential in many cases. Until now, PE layers have often been used as a barrier for packaging. With regard to sustainability, environmental and climate protection, however, it is important to avoid such PE composites. As a sustainable alternative, ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings include both water-based barrier coatings and aqueous TPE dispersions as coating or binder systems (YUNICO®) for various applications and end uses.

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Barrier coatings from ACTEGA build up a sufficient effect against water, water vapor, oil or fat. In addition, we provide barrier properties against alcohol, alkaline and acidic liquids as well as dairy products. Our barrier coatings are available both for the interior and exterior use, and can be processed by sheet-fed offset, flexo and gravure printing or by means of various coaters. Depending on the product, they are dedicated to packaging converters and printers or the paper industry.

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A next generation of barrier coatings is enabled by the novel aqueous thermoplastic elastomer dispersions of the YUNICO® technology, subject to patent protection. YUNICO® makes it possible to combine different specific characteristics in one single dispersion. This includes barrier properties and heat sealability in high and low temperature ranges, tactile effects as well as recyclability. TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology offer a wide range of coating solutions for packaging materials and different substrates (paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic). Moreover, they are used as binding systems in the paper production. 

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Water-based barrier coating solutions from the perspective of sustainability 

The poor recyclability of PE layers - and thus the high use of plastic - is a major drawback in terms of sustainability. PE layers are increasingly falling into disrepute and are subject to ever more comprehensive regulation. At the same time, legal requirements for the recycling or disposal of such production materials represent a major challenge for many processing companies. Brand owners often pass on the corresponding pressure to the packaging manufacturers. This is understandable insofar as the success of a brand today also depends on a demonstrably sustainable production chain. In addition, within the product life cycle, packaging has a very short lifetime and therefore reaches the disposal process quickly. 

Solutions are increasingly being sought at all levels to avoid additional plastic waste. In many cases, water-based barrier coating solutions can be used as a very good alternative. 

Customer benefits for water-based barrier coating solutions:

  • Demonstrably sustainable: By avoiding PE layers and a better recycling  
  • Recycling: Simple and sustainable recycling of end products 
  • Simplified production process: No PE-coated material is required 
  • Shortened delivery and production process: Faster delivery due to standard material 
  • Cost optimization: From paper production to recycling - more cost-effective as the recycling process is simplified 
  • Supply chain optimization: No storage necessary and just-in-time production 

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