UV Silver and Wet Touch

Let your labels create the maximum shine with ACTEGA’s UV bright silver and wet touch effects and ACTExact® UV process inks.

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Products and regional availability

EMEA & Brazil North America
Wessco Polar® UV Silver Premium Bright 29.419.30 UltraStar UV FP-8209 Silver RML800678
Wessco Polar® UV OPV High Gloss 27.499.67 Glosscoat ULO RVG001212
Wessco® UV Raised Coating Gloss LM 2821 Tactile Coat RVG001451
ACTExact® UV Inks  ACTExact® UV Process Inks

Production details

Substrate: PP White
Printing: Flexo MPS EF 430
Application: Pressure Sensitive Label

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