WESSCO® Low Migration Coatings

UV coatings for food packaging

​​​​​​​WESSCO® low migration matt, high gloss and effect coatings are solvent-free and UV-curing. They have been specially developed for food packaging and finish paper, cardboard and plastic films for sensitive packaging in compliance with legal requirements and guidelines (GMP). WESSCO® low migration coatings are low-migration and do not contain benzophenone 4-methylbenzophenone or bisphenol A.

Discover WESSCO®, our brand for UV coatings in the packaging and label industries. Also available: WESSCO® UV laminating adhesives.


​​​​​​​A very important component of WESSCO® LM coatings is known as polymeric photoinitiators. These consist of molecules that are heavier than conventional photoinitiators. Due to their size, they are far less likely to migrate to the packaged food. That is why they are the perfect choice when it comes to finishing and protecting sensitive packaging in the food sector. For special applications, we can also offer our WESSCO® EPPI® Low Migration technology.


​​​​​​​What makes these coatings unique is a new generation of photoinitiators developed by us. Thanks to a binder unit, these photoinitiators become firmly anchored in the chemical structure of the coating film during the curing process. This ensures maximum migration safety, making our WESSCO® EPPI® Low Migration coatings the perfect choice for sensitive packaging – e.g. for products with high fat content or packaging compounds containing polyethylene (PE).

In the food sector, 50% of all buying decisions are made spontaneously at the point of sale. Frequently, the packaging draws the consumers' attention and literally whets their appetite for the contents. One way to achieve this is to finish the packaging with a special coating.

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