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Knowledge advantage ​through Exchange

The printing industry is always changing. New technologies, trends and innovative consumables require the latest know-how at all times. With the CoatingConference, ACTEGA Terra invites customers to take part in a series of exclusive events that address current topics related to coatings. The CoatingConference promotes the transfer of knowledge through high-quality lectures, workshops and discussion rounds.

Excellent presenters and guest speakers from the printing industry make the ​CoatingConference a practice-oriented and inspiring event. ​


Depending on the topic, the CoatingConference is targeted ​at decision-makers and users from the printing and packaging industry. It is a 1-day event held at ACTEGA Terra GmbH in Lehrte, close to Hannover. Our CoatingConference takes place once or twice a year. Usually, the program language is German.

Examples of previous events:
Legally compliant varnishing in food packaging printing • Successfully mastering challenges in the coating process • The combination of anilox roller, plate/blanket and coating • High-quality finishing, successful selling • etc.


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