Paper-based Packaging protects the packaging contents and fulfills a transport function. Whether coatings, inks or adhesives, ACTEGA offers solutions for folding cartons, blister cards, corrugated board and many other paper-based packaging products.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are a packaging type with a long history. They protect the packaging contents, provide a transport function, carry information and represent the brand.


Corrugated board packaging provides a transport function, but also offers promotional effects. Coatings or adhesives help to enhance the quality of bag in boxes, shelf-ready packaging or displays.


In a sealing process, two components are combined by pressure and heat or ultrasonic sound. Discover ACTEGA’s highly specialized blister coatings with excellent sealing characteristics.

More Paper-based Packaging

Skin packaging, board tubes or composite containers - ACTEGA offers suitable product solutions for customer's requirements.

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