• 用于泡罩、封盖、分份包装(包括宠物食品)和包装纸
  • 用于纸张、金属箔和薄膜基材
  • 用于所有常用的密封材料,如 PP、PS、APET、PE、PVC、PLA 和铝
  • 该产品组合包括水性和溶剂型、透明和有色的热封光油
  • 可提供无 BPA 及 PVC 的替代方案
  • 使用卷材或片材涂布技术和印刷生产线进行加工

End uses
  • Cover foils
  • Portion packs (incl. pet food)
  • Pharmaceutical packaging (blister)
  • Wrappers
  • Sealable
  • Low Temperature Seal (LTS)
  • Easy Peel
  • Sterile strenght
  • Microwave and oven safe
  • Very good tear resistance
  • High puncture resistance​
  • Seal strength
  • Embossable
  • Peroxide resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Coil or panel coating by means of engraving and smooth roller coating units
  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic as well as their composite films
Seal partner
  • PP
  • PS
  • PE
  • APET
  • PVC
  • PLA
  • PCR Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Sealable against itself

How heat-seal lacquers can contribute to the sustainability of packaging

Increasing recycling rates and the resulting different product qualities of recyclates face packaging manufacturers with new challenges. Our ACTEseal® products are also suitable for sealing partners made of recycled aluminum and plastic recyclate and are thus able to compensate for variations in the quality of sealing partners. In this way, our products can help increase the use of circular materials in packaging and thus make a valuable contribution to greater sustainability.

Properties of ACTEseal® heat-seal lacquers

•   BPA-NI and PVC-free systems available
•   Water-based and solvent-based systems available
•   Nonylphenol-free
•   High solids content
•   Block Resistant

•   Good hot tack properties
•   Low migration, suitable for legally compliant food and pharmaceutical packaging
•   Suitable for direct food contact
•   Transparent, colorless and colored available
•   Long durability
•   Single-layer and multilayer structure possible
•   High burst pressure for transport and storage at high temperatures
•   Protection of the substrate from corrosion (in the case of aluminum)
•   Low odor and colorless

Food Safety

We specialize in product solutions that comply with the respective country-specific regulations and meet the following food regulatory approvals, among others:

•   FDA 175.105
•   FDA 175.300
•   EU 10/2011/EC
•   Swiss Ordinance SR.817.023.21
•   China AR 9685-2016 

Advantages for our customers

  • Tailor-made product solutions depending on filling material and technical plant
  • No special/ additional equipment necessary (processing on existing machines)
  • Worldwide technical advice regarding optimal setting of application parameters, also on site at the plant
  • Worldwide availability

Heat-seal lacquers for a wide range of applications

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