ACTDigi® Jettable

Digital aqueous ink and coating technologies

Knowledge and experience from decades of development of coatings, primers and inks for the packaging industry now offer an excellent starting point for digital printing in this market.

ACTDigi® Jettable is about the development of inkjet fluids for Piezo d-o-d applications with a focus on water-based systems for non-absorbant substrates. Consumables included are packages of primers, inks and overprint varnishes. This "one-stop shop" strategy is targeted not only at the flexible packaging and label industries, but also at the folding carton sector. As a team, we are always looking for interesting project opportunities.

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​​​​​​​In the area of water-based fluids, ACTDigi® Jettable offers packages of primers, inks and overprint varnishes for inkjet printing.

Inkjet printing is a complex technology and also requires complex consumables. This, combined with the requirements of the packaging printing industry in terms of fluid robustness and regulatory compliance, creates a very challenging task that is completely different from the traditional consumables business. For example, unlike analog printing, a new inkjet fluid is not immediately tested at the customer’s installation. Instead, developers are tasked with replicating a variety of applications in-house and developing a robust ink. Proper droplet formation is critical; thus, it is extremely valuable for the developer to observe how the fluid behaves during jetting. This observation provides information on how to properly adjust a formulation. At ACTEGA, we rely on dedicated teams in R&D and technical services as well as state-of-the-art equipment. The focus is on close cooperation with our system partners. We place high expectations on our technologies. Thus, in the area of inks, we do not only consider printability and drying behavior, but also look at the optical appearance and, if required, chemical and physical resistances of our products. We currently have a portfolio of water-based prototype fluids that meet indirect food contact regulations. All fluids work well on a wide range of substrates, from film to paper and board. Our packages of primers, inks and overprint varnishes help us to meet market requirements and achieve the intended properties of the printed product.

​​​​​​​WHO WE ARE

Our competence and technology center is located in Lehrte, near Hannover, Germany. Established in 2015, the Aqueous Inkjet Team, as we are called, consists of 10 people from R&D, Technical Services and other key areas such as Project Development. We have long supported digital printing applications with primer and overprint varnishes applied under or over digital printing in flexo. But we have recognized that the importance of digital printing in packaging has increased dramatically. Thus, with ACTDigi® Jettable, it is our goal to establish inkjet printing with water-based inks, primers and overprint varnishes in the packaging market.


ACTEGA always sees the package of primer, ink and overprint varnish for inkjet printing with water-based fluids. What is ultimately used depends on the substrate and the final application. Our core market is the world of packaging printing, but of course we also support you in other areas if our fluid technology fits the needs of your specific market and application. Here you can contact us.

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ACTDigi® Jettable

Our technologies for demanding packaging applications at a glance

  • Industrial digital printing
  • Drop-on-demand technology
  • Water-based integrated systems for an optimum adjustment and interaction between primer, ink and overprint varnish
  • Solutions for the indirect food contact (Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé, FDA)
  • For challenging, non-absorbant substrates
Product Solutions
  • High printing quality
  • Excellent drying properties
  • Very good adhesion on typical substrates for labels and flexible packaging, e.g. BOPP, PE, PET
  • High mechanical & chemical resistance
  • Sterilization and pasteurization stable
  • Support trouble-free nozzle opentime and head maintenance

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