ACTEGA Metal Print: Q2/2020

 A new global partnership


Despite the COVID-19 global situation, we are happy to announce that ACTEGA Metal Print has installed its first ECOLEAF Beta unit at Kolbe-Coloco - a German printer based in Versmold and only 1.5-hours drive from our company location in Lehrte. Kolbe-Coloco is part of the 550 people Hamburg based printing group, H.O.PERSIEHL.

Kolbe-Coloco announced as world´s first Beta Partner
Kolbe-Coloco focuses on high-end applications and will use ECOLEAF to print self-adhesive labels with decorative metallic effects. It decided to partner with us, to remove hot and cold foil from its workflow and to enjoy the environmental and productivity benefits of our technology. We are proud to have entered the ECOLEAF beta program, and to do it with a business like Kolbe-Coloco. We look forward to a continued and successful relationship with them.

We of course have other Betas customers in our roll-out plan, and we will be sure to not only announce them, but to keep you up to date on their journey with us. If you are interested to learn more about our Beta Program, or if you wish to participate, please contact us.

Global partnership with AB Graphic International
We are also extremely pleased to announce our global partnership with ABG, the first appointed commercial partner for our ECOLEAF™ metallization technology. A B Graphic International is a highly regarded company with over 65 years of experience and more than 11,000 product installations. This makes them an ideal partner for ACTEGA Metal Print, sharing our vision of a more sustainable print market while producing beautiful decorated, cost effective labels. When sold through ABG, ECOLEAF will be installed on its Digicon 3 Series digital finishing equipment or retrofitted to existing presses in the field, initially in the European Union and the UK.

To read the press releases for both of these announcements, please visit the new ACTEGA Metal Print microsite. This site was designed to keep you up to date on all our news, as well as to help educate the wider market as to our technology and process, the applications ECOLEAF supports and the benefits it brings to the industry. 

Rainbow of metallic colors and beyond
The basis of ECOLEAF is a silver pigment that can be overprinted, resulting in a rainbow of metallic colors and gold. In addition, the conventionally applied trigger image can be colorized, enabling the surface structure and metallic shade to be changed. Have a look below at our latest application development with overprinting.

We are constantly developing new applications like backside metallization on transparent substrates. Stay tuned for more exciting new capabilities!

New digital ECOLEAF solution
We are proud to announce that we made great progress with our a digital ECOLEAF solution. Designed for integration into the digital workflow of a printing company this solution provides the known digital advantages like variable and seamless metallization. This is achieved by applying the Trigger Image using Inkjet heads thus extending the digital printing value chain by one element – the metallization, and removing the need of plates and cold and hot foil. This makes ECOLEAF Digital the most sustainable digital metallization technology in the market, now entering our beta program. To learn more, join our session in the FuturePrint Virtual Summit.

Join us
We are signing letters of intent for installations planned in 2021. Contact us to learn more.

During this unusual and challenging period, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a private online print demonstration live from our competence center in Lehrte. Join us and see ECOLEAF adding amazing metallization embellishments through trigger images printed in Flexo, Flatbed, Rotary Screen or Inkjet.

We can’t conclude this newsletter without acknowledging the current Covid-19 situation, and its obvious impact on our industry. Firstly, and needless to say, our thoughts are with those individuals and businesses adversely effected by the pandemic.

Secondly, we want to reassure you that ACTEGA Metal Print takes the current situation very seriously, and that we have taken all precautionary measures to safeguard our people and partners. So far, we are fortunate not to have had any affected employees, and we continue to prioritize the health of our staff, families and business partners. We continue to drive our business forward and develop, install and service our ECOLEAF units - but very firmly within all the required safety procedures.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our employees, associate staff, development partners, colleagues from ALTANA companies and of course our beta partners, for their ongoing support during this challenging time.

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