The first step is the hardest: Training bottles and cups for babies

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The purpose of a training cup, bottle or mug is to make it easier for a baby to switch from a feeding bottle to drinking from proper cups and glasses.


The first step is the hardest:

Training bottles and cups for babies

Although practical for parents as they are unbreakable and leakproof, such training aids should only be limited to a transition period until the child has learned how to drink from a glass. Even at an age of five to six months, babies can get used to drinking from such training aids. At the latest when baby food is introduced, babies should be increasingly offered water or tea to drink. Drinking then no longer serves the mere intake of food but has much more to do with quenching thirst.

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Careful selection of materials

As training mugs and cups need to withstand a lot, e.g. falling on the floor is literally a fact of life, glass is obviously ruled out by its very nature. But metal is not that suitable either on account of its weight and the fact that it is easily dented, impairing its attractive appearance. So, that leaves plastic. But this material also requires careful consideration. BPA-free, for example, is an absolute “must”, as is food conformity. This would speak in favor of a practical combination of polypropylene PP (cup carcass) with thermoplastic elastomers TPE (lids and handles).

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Ten out of twelve products rated as good and very good

Whether and which training aid is chosen depends on a personal preference concerning the respective suitability and careful weighing up of the advantages and disadvantages – robust, break- and leakproof, suitable for drinking on the move, and easy to clean versus purchase cost and promoting caries (when serving drinks containing sugar). The market is very extensive and there is a huge variety available. Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest magazines have already awarded grades of good and very good to ten out of twelve products tested in various tests (2000, 2013, 2019).

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