Powerful metallic effects

For the creative design of your printed products such as folding boxes, labels or commercial prints. Here you will find our portfolio of UV curing silver and gold coatings. We also offer a wide range of oil-based metallic inks.

Discover: Mineral oil-free products, for the indirect food contact, in the various gold nuances and silver.


With MiraMetal, we also offer printing inks for the first time. This brand stands for high metallic brilliance and enhances the brand image.

Thomas Koop Portfolio Manager Paper-based Packaging Global

How MiraMetal works

  • Metallic printing inks and varnishes contain metal pigments.
  • While silver is enriched with aluminum, gold sparkles through a brass mixture (copper-zinc alloy).
  • Metal pigments reflect the light like a mirror.
  • The result is a high metallic brilliance.

Also have a look at MiraFoil® our premium brand for metallic coatings as a sustainable alternative to foil lamination or hot foil stamping.

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