Finishing Trends & End-Use Requirements

Personal Care

The personal care sector includes a wide range of products, broadly grouped into four sections, namely skin care, natural cosmetics, oral care, and fragrances.

Graphic Packaging Design Trends


Flat design
• Simple typography
Typographic design
Strong contrast

Easy Info
• Clear info hierarchy
• Iconographic display of
​​​​​​​  mode of action


• Box layouts
• Patterns
• Micro-embossing

• Photorealistic
• 3D aesthetics
• Computer illustrations
• Holographic

• Premium black
• Premium white

• Waterdrops
​​​​​​​• Bright colors

• Faces & bodies
• Uncoated substrates
• Green colours
• Handfonts

Trends According To Product Category

​​​​​​​In general, Personal Care is the category where the most – and the most unique – coating effects are used.

In the Skin Care segment, various different types of coatings are used to communicate the high efficacy / premium quality of the product and / or the brand image.

For Natural Cosmetics, less metallic effects and less effects with an artificial look & feel are used. Preferred are more basic matt / gloss effects, sometimes used on uncoated substrates.

In Oral Care, high gloss, metallic or even holographic coating effects are used to communicate a high product efficacy, often in combination with other metallic or holographic effects.

Fragrances are luxury products, calling for exceptional and strong effects that need to be chosen carefully to reflect the brand image.

​​​​​The Role Of Coatings For Personal Care​​​​​​​

Suitable Coating Effects:
Gloss / high gloss​​​​​​​
Either full-area or as spot varnish on brand and design elements like logo and product images
Metallic / Holographic / 3-dimensional
For the highlighting of brand elements communicating product performance and / or effect
Drip-off / Pearlescent / Soft or Sand Touch
Applied on larger areas to create a unique, brand-related special impression
Useful Special Properties:
Metallic coatings that can be overprinted with UV inks to achieve different shades of metallic effects
Hot foil on top possible
Coatings that allow the application of special hot foils on top​​​​​​​

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