TERRAWET Gloss Coating G 9/378 FoodSafe-040

Water-based gloss coating with a fast drying, a high wet block resistance and suitable for a very wide range of applications. The product has been ToySafe® certified. It is free of bisphenol A, heavy metals, benzophenone and plasticisers. It is compliant with applicable norms, guidelines and ordinances for toy safety. Moreover, the coating has been FoodSafe certified. It is low migration (global migration limit < 60 mg/kg, EU cube model), compliant with the Swiss Ordinance (SR 817.023.21) and can be applied in the direct contact to dry and fat-including foodstuffs.

This product has been assessed against the criteria of the Material Health category in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard and was awarded a Gold level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Key Properties


18° - 22°
Up to 120°C

Material Characteristics

45 sec. (20°C, DIN 4 mm cup)
40 sec. (20°C, DIN 4 mm cup)
60 sec. (20°C, DIN 4 mm cup)

Special Properties

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Technical Datasheet

Material Safety Datasheet

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