ACTEGA DS GmbH was founded in 1920 under the name of Diersch & Schröder. The company specializes in the manufacture and development of soft elastic plastics in granulate form and sealing compounds for food closures and packaging, TPE materials for medical and pharmaceutical articles as well as for consumer goods.

Worldwide manufacturer of TPE and closure compounds from Germany

ACTEGA DS develops, produces and markets specialized TPE materials for highly regulated markets such as the medical and pharmaceutical sector and the consumer goods industry. ACTEGA DS is a world leader in the manufacture of sealing components for plastic and metal closures in the food and drinks industries, supplying innovative, application-oriented TPE solutions. Since the company was founded, ACTEGA DS has been constantly presenting the latest technologies, which they develop and market hand in hand with their customers, manufacturers of closure machines and other decision-makers in the industry.
When developing materials for sealing applications involving direct contact with foods, the company makes good use of its in-depth knowledge and expertise around thermoplastic elastomers. It has thus been able to develop for example SOFT EST.® TPE and PROVALIN® - innovative TPE materials and closure compounds with most minimal migration. The focus on TPEs for sensitive application areas and highly regulated markets was a major factor, enabling the company to become successfully established within the market and provide broad portfolio of materials for applications in the beverage and food industries, the consumer goods industry and medical technology. Whether TPE plastic granulates for toys, TPE seals, PVC plastisols for closures, thermoplastic elastomers for children's toys, household articles or TPE for kitchen applications or even medical technology articles, ACTEGA DS has the solution ready.
ACTEGA DS employs almost 200 people working with state-of-the-art production equipment at its location in Bremen, Germany. The company is among the market leaders, having secured significant market share in the sector and achieving constant top performance with strategies like systematic specialization. ACTEGA DS’s global structure enables it to make use of synergies to create superior products. It invests continually in R&D and the newest machine technologies in order to push forward the introduction of new, patented TPE technologies.

  • High degree of competence in TPE compositions
  • State-of-the-art equipment and chemical analytics
  • Tailored solutions
  • 5-6 % of revenue is invested in R&D

Focus on TPE for food applications and highly sensitive products

As a compounder of TPE granules specializing in closely regulated markets and highly sensitive application areas, ACTEGA DS draws on decades of experience in plastics manufacturing. Freedom from PVC and sustainable production are crucial to its endeavors.  With an innovative series of TPE materials, the company places a strong focus on efficiency in its use of both resources and energy.  Because of their tremendous flexibility, their resistance to a wide variety of media and their great range of mechanical properties, these compounds allow fine tuning to individual situations and can be used in a very wide range of areas.
The materials have now become established across multiple sectors as the perfect alternative to rubber, PVC and silicone.  Our TPEs are free from PVC and therefore contain neither phthalates nor BPA.  For products in contact with foods and in medical and pharmaceutical applications, and also in the cosmetics and consumer goods sector, these are crucial properties.  Today the company regularly supplies special plastic solutions for the packaging industry and medical and consumer goods industry in over 100 different countries.

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